House Hushing, Hygge & Mys: Calm from Cosy Comfort

House Hushing, Hygge & Mys: Calm from Cosy Comfort

Swedish Gifts: Mys

Ah, the Swedes! They gave us Abba, Volvo and Ikea for comfort. And, far less comfortable, Greta Thunberg and Surströmming. But now 'mys.' What is mys? 

The Core of Mys

If hygge is the Danish pursuit of all things comfortable, mys is hygge's cosier cousin from over the Øresund Bridge. Mys is all about warmth. Cosy to the core, it's warm hugs, soft light, hot chocolate, a purring puss. Mys is the essence of snug, the epitome of warmth, metaphorical and literal.

Noble Fibres and Mys: A Perfect Pairing

What better for mys than the world's finest fibres? Picture this: you're snug under a merino wool blanket, cupping a steaming hot chocolate. Winter storms batter the window, Hand-made candles light the room. It's not just cosy; it's a soul-soothing hug for your spirit. Snuggle down. Breeeathe. And relax.

Soft Sheepskin makes a firm chair far more comfortable!

The Candle Factor

In Sweden, mys starts with candles. cheap IKEA votives work, but why not go for longer lasting quality? A handcrafted candle lifts the room. It's like a cashmere scarf for your living space. A touch of class.


Mys thrives on quality, not bling. Get rid of pointless trinkets! Instead, and offering a warmth that's more than skin-deep, natural fibres—wool, cashmere, alpaca—bring a quiet calm to the room. They're sustainable, ethical, long lasting and easy care, making them a wise choice for the long term. Comfort woven into every thread.

House Hushing: The Silent Partner

House hushing makes even more of mys. It's mindful living. It's choosing less but better. It's a home that's not just warm. Calm and quiet on the eys and ears. Peace meets warmth.

Mys and House Hushing: A Perfect Blend

Now, mix mys and house hushing.  A lambswool throw on the sofa invites you in. A sheepskin rug soothes your feet and eyes. Not just add-ons. They're comfort and calm in one. They're the warm icing on your cosy, quiet cake.

House Hushing How-To

House hushing isn't just a concept; it's a practice. Here's how to do it:

  • Pick one room at a time to hush
  • Create a temporary dumping space.
  • Declutter: Less is more. Remove all items that don't serve a solid purpose.
  • Decompress: Give the room a few days to ease into it's clutter-free space
  • Mindful Decor: Reintroduce only loved items that bring joy and calm.
  • Soft Textiles: Use rugs, throws, and cushions to soften sound.
  • Go Green: Houseplants and green tones for a serene natural vibe.
  • Low Lighting: Avoid harsh lights and glare. Go for soft, warm lighting options.
  • Quiet Tech: Opt for appliances and gadgets that operate quietly.
  • Quality Over Quantity: Invest in fewer, better things.
  • Scent: Use subtle, natural scents to enhance the mood.

House hushing is the silent partner to mys. It adds a layer of tranquillity to your cosy haven. So, go ahead, make your home a sanctuary of peace and warmth.

The Need for Mys

As days shorten and nights chill, mys is a must. Don't settle for just cosy. Aim for ultra-cosy and calm.

The Final Word

So, wrap up in the world's finest fibres. Let the mys begin. As the Swedes say, it's more than cosy. It's mysigt!

And wrap up in this read. Share it. Did it work? Tell us how you're making your life more mys and hushed. 


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    Mel: September 17, 2023

    Great blog. I felt cosier just reading this! Much as I am already mourning the summer, the biggest consolation to the change in season is getting to rediscover my beautiful tactile cashmeres, merinos and sheepskins. They’re like a balm for the soul. I’ve been buying and using your products for years and the quality is so outstanding they’re all still like new. x

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