Fall in Love with Autumn

Fall in Love with Autumn

Why fall for Autumn?

For me, autumn is the greatest season. A season of ironies. The season that delivers more than its promises, like a deep hug from a long-unseen friend who brings unexpected news. A time for change, to refresh and renew, rebuild and prepare. A time to plough a new furrow and sow the seed. For me, autumn—all these decades later—still evokes the tingling anticipations brought by the new school year. The reddening of Virginia creeper still pricks my senses with homesick September returns to prep school, but it is balanced by seeing old friends (and enemies) again after the long summer holidays. "Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more."

Strangely Unexpected

A season of unexpectedness: tins of Spam and baked beans weirdly perched in churches at harvest festivals always surprised me. Fresh-mown fields and hot hay, shocked by sharply crisp dew-laden mornings. Low, bright sunshine and violent equinoctial storms. Swallows swooping, gathering, gone. Berries reddening for those who are staying. warm water after-school surfing with our kids (how lucky were we!), and darkening chill mornings. Autumn is my tingling reminder that, while all things change, there’s nothing new under the sun... Well, except Large Languages Models (which, by the way, didn’t write this). Autumn is the season for me. The other seasons have no subtlety. They’re all so obvious. Autumn is the master! Embrace it and its ironies.

A Symphony of Colours

Hmmm. Those famous fall colours... Well, to get great autumn colours we need a good frost to strike before the gales strip the trees—increasingly rare in much of the UK. However, our collections of hand-crafted cashmere and wool shawls more than mirror autumn's most vibrant efforts, and the blues of softer skies of late summer too. From fiery reds to calming blues, there’s a hue for every layer of mood. And talking of layering, the fickle fall weather demands a bit of that. A shawl draped or knotted over a light jacket or jumper adds just perfect touch of warmth, style, and lift, prepping for those unpredictable autumn chills.

Diaphanous Pashmina Shawl in Crystal Blue, Layered with British Knitwear
Diaphanous Pashmina Shawl in Crystal Blue, Layered over our All-British Knitwear

Classic Season for Fresh Starts

Autumn has always been the season of new beginnings. A new university year, the smell of new books, freshly sharpened pencils, the promise of what's to come. A great time to set goals, to prepare for winter and the year ahead, to reflect on what shape we want the closing chapters of this year to take. So why wait for New Year for resolutions? Make change now, plough them in and beat the statistics!

When the Weather Turns

As the air crisps and the leaves crunch, embrace the cold, but it's time to think about keeping warm too. Our All-British Knitwear range offers the perfect solution. Made in England with British wool, with love and care, these pieces are our go-to when the weather decides to throw a curveball.

British Merino Beanie and KnitwearBritish made Merino Beanies and all-British knitwear

The Emotional Tapestry of Autumn

Autumn stirs the soul. It's a season of dualities—comfort and change, endings and beginnings. Tinged with woodsmoke, fallen leaves, and damp earth, the autumn air invites introspection. As you pull on one of our British-made beanies after a cold water swim, consider autumn's emotional richness. It's not just a season; it's a state of mind.

Wrap Up in Luxury

Our hand-dyed and hand-finished Diaphanous Pashmina Shawls are the epitome of subtle autumnal luxury. Whether it's the Raspberry or the Rose Gold, exuberant Orange or Crystal Blue, woven especially for us in Kathmandu, these shawls add a puff of elegance to any outfit. Perfect for those romantic autumn evenings when you want to look your best but also stay snug.

 Diaphanous Pashmina Orange

Diaphanous Pashmina Shawl in Orange

So, go on, embrace the joys of autumn. The season that always over-delivers. And while you're at it, why not add a touch of comfort and luxury with our curated range of autumn essentials?


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  • Author image
    Mel: September 29, 2023

    Loved this blog about Autumn. Your writing is so beautiful and evocative, and all your juicy descriptions stirred every one of my senses and unveiled many personal seasonal memories.
    When I was younger I always overlooked autumn. I relished the more obvious brash seasons. But autumn seems to be a taste acquired with age – much like coffee, olives or red wine.
    And this year, for the first time, autumn has given me ‘New Year’ vibes. Where it seems like it’s time to pause and refresh. To discard and pare-down.
    I am looking forward to hibernating. Especially with your long-standing, robust yet delicate fibres, and be enveloped in their familiar cosiness as for the first time, I accept that I am bedding-in for winter.

    Thanks again for a wonderful blog. x

  • Author image
    Lisa Rossetti: September 29, 2023

    Is it possible to get sample cards of your wool fabrics?
    Small samples of actual fabric?

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