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Luxury Duvets & Pillows

Luxury natural fibre duvet and pillow range Exclusive to The Wool Company. No synthetics in our natural bedding

Luxury Duvets & Pillows

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20 products

Grid  List 

20 products

Sleeping under one of our luxury wool or camel duvets guarantees: -

∗ Scientifically proven deeper more restful sleep

∗ All year comfort under a warm lightweight natural breathable quilt

∗ Anti-allergenic - Naturally resists dust mites and mould

Personal micro-climate created by the world's best natural insulator

∗ Helps prevent over-heating but still keeps you warm

Moisture wicked away from body helps maintain an even body temperature all night

Very fine pure cotton and luxury Tencel™ casing so no stray fibres

∗ We are obsessed with drape! We feel the work that has gone into the technical side of duvet making ensures that all our natural duvets have much better drape that all other natural duvets on the market and you will experience a similar drape to high quality down duvets.

We use Woolmark® approved Pure New wool to fill our wool duvets. The manufacturing process produces a cleaner fibre, it increases its ability to trap air, providing enhanced insulation properties and an optimum sleeping environment. Our wool filled duvets are durable, machine-washable and can be air dried.

Discover more about why we should all sleep under wool and natural fibres here.