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The Wool Company luxury pillows, cushion pads and pillow protectors are made from high-quality 100% pure wool filling and soft cotton ca...

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The Wool Company luxury pillows, cushion pads and pillow protectors are made from high-quality 100% pure wool filling and soft cotton casing, promising a good night's sleep and the ultimate comfort. Sleeping on a wool pillow will not only keep your body temperature at a snug level, and your comfort levels up, but can also help you to improve your sleep quality so you can wake up refreshed and ready for new adventures.

Wool pillows are fantastic for everyone who is suffering from mould, fungus, and dust mite allergies. It's almost impossible to get away from dust mites as these are one of the most common allergens and absolutely love dark, humid areas like carpeting, mattresses, and pillows alike. 

As wool is naturally antimicrobial, dust mites cannot abide it. Swap your old pillow for a “dust-mite-proof” hypoallergenic pillow from The Wool Company and say goodbye to your runny nose. These anti-allergy pillows are great for both allergic or asthmatic people, as well as anyone, who simply likes to know that the pillow they are sleeping on is comfy and clean.

Our luxury wool bed pillows are made from 100% organic British wool and are free from synthetics. Because these hypoallergenic pillows are entirely natural, we can ensure that the wool is produced from a flock of happy, well-kept sheep, and is the best choice for both you and the planet. Additionally, wool-filled pillows are superior to other alternatives as wool is soft, anti-allergy, breathable and supportive and is a naturally sustainable fibre as wool is renewable and biodegradable. 

At The Wool Company, our wool-filled pillows are made from 100% British wool and come in a standard size of 75 x 50 cm. Before you make a purchase, consider your wool pillow's firmness. We offer three different types of filling - low, medium, and firm filling, giving you a chance to choose a lambswool pillow that is just perfect for your comfort. Side sleepers usually benefit from a firmer pillow, back sleepers tend to choose medium wool-filled pillows, and stomach sleepers pick soft pillows to keep the head and neck at a comfortable angle. If you would like an even firmer fill or want to refill your old wool pillow, use one of our bags of wool to refresh your pillow.

Start your journey towards better sleep today and buy your wool pillows online today. Now that you have found your perfect wool pillow, check out our selection of wool duvets for an even better night's sleep!

Looking for more information? Check out our blog post about wool pillows and all the benefits here.


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